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Mission Statement

Our goal is to be the industry leader in Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing of Mechanical HVAC Systems. We achieve this through the integration of our Core Values and a commitment to our clients with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Our Core Values

Integrity: We pledge to maintain a strong sense of honesty, morality, goodness, and ethical character.
Professionalism: We are highly skilled in the performance of our services and governed by a code of ethics that demands integrity and an allegiance to our clients and customers.
Trust: We must value and nurture the trust we earn through honesty and excellence in our services.

Our Services

Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing (TAB)

For over 25 years The SMI Group has consistently developed a reputation of excellence. As a company we take pride in going beyond what is required and raising the standard associated with the Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing portion of the construction field.

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HVAC Diagnostic Evaluations

HVAC Diagnostic Evaluations consists of detailed investigations associated with all aspects of an HVAC system to determine the causes resulting in diminished operational capacities of systems.   At times, slight modifications can be implemented for reducing the energy foot print of a building by fine tuning the HVAC systems within the Direct Digital Control (DDC) network.  In-depth system investigations are catered to each type of system based on the clients requests to maximize cost savings and energy efficiency.

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Cx, RCx, & Support

Whether your project requires Commissioning (Cx), Retro-commissioning (RCx), or support completing either, The SMI Group can help. Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning places a vital role in the assurance that a project has been completed as required and that all systems are operating for maximum efficiency.

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Duct Air Leakage Testing (DALT)

The SMI Group can provide Duct Air Leakage Testing (DALT) services on existing or new ductwork with our state of the art equipment and programs. The testing of leakage present within installed ductwork can ensure the distribution system is properly installed for greater efficiency.

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Sound Level Testing

The SMI Group provides our clients with NEBB Certified sound level measurement testing services complete with 1/3 octave center band frequency data in unweighted, A-weighted levels and in A-weighting response correction.  Our reports contain the tested data and a graph for visual review, Noise Criteria (NC) rating and chart, and the Room Criteria (RC) rating and chart. 

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Industrial Ventilation Testing

The proper testing of industrial ventilation systems ensures all components of the system are operating effectively to ensure the proper ventilation rate is being obtained. The SMI Group has been conducting the testing of industrial ventilation systems for over 25 years. 

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Our unparalleled customer-service approach

Our unparalleled customer-service approach is second to none. We recognize that even the most sophisticated system is useless and cost prohibitive if not effectively operating at design specifications. For this reason, customer service and support is the foundation of our business model.

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